How does the process work?

  • Once you decide to organize your home/office, you send us an e-mail or contact us through our social media accounts.
  • We ask you to fill a short preliminary information form and send photos of your home/office.
  • According to the information provided, we will work on a pre-plan and organize an appointment. You will receive a phone call from our founder and expert A. Gülşin Doğan.
  • While considering your vision and needs for your life, we develop a special plan for your home/office, which focuses on functionality and livability.
  • We arrange an appointment to organize your home/office.
  • We declutter and organize your home/office and return it to you with its new decoration.

What is the difference between organizing and cleaning?

The words organizing and cleaning are often considered synonymous, yet they are completely different actions. Organizing focuses on objects, while cleaning focuses on dirt. Both aim to make a room look clean. Organizing means moving objects and putting them away, while cleaning means wiping and sweeping away dirt. Dü services include decluttering and organizing. However, we are able to provide cleaning services for our clients in need depending on the availability of our teams.

Will you decorate my home/office while organizing?

Yes! We creatively re-purpose your existing belongings to organize and decorate your home/office. We provide services for renovation, new furniture/wardrobe design and production as additional services.

How much will my participation be and what will I learn during the organizing service?

You are required to accompany us during the decluttering step as your personal belongings are involved. Whether you get hands-on in the organizing step or not is your decision. Some of our clients choose to work with our expert. This is what we recommend. Organizing your belongings yourself allows you to reach a sustainable order in your home/office.

Some of our clients assign the organizing work to our expert and team due to their busy schedules. To keep their organization in place they make regular appointments for our service.

Some of our clients want to do the organizing themselves and get consulting advice and guidance from Gülşin Doğan to help them make decisions easily. Our consulting service is available both online and on-site.

During our services, you will learn new decision making, decluttering and organizing skills that will benefit you for the rest your life. We will help you to review your buying and consumption habits to help you gain new constructive habits. You will also gain a new perspective on your impact on the environment.

Will Dü force me to get rid of the items in my home/office?

We understand we are entering the sacred areas of your life, when we come to your home/office. Our method allows you to make decisions and restore balance among you, your possessions and your home/office. You always make the final call on what to keep or discard.

How long will my organizing service take?

Every home/office is different. Two things determine the duration of a project: the size of the project and how quickly you make decisions. Our service is usually completed in one day for our clients, who have assigned us the job. However, if you and your family’s/team’s preference is to obtain a long-term sustainable organization throughout your home/office, this period is planned as training sessions spread over a few weeks.

Will Dü provide me with organizing and storage supplies?

Organizing your home/office often results in a reduction of items, which frees up existing boxes, drawers, wardrobes and storage systems. Our priority is to creatively re-purpose the existing décor or organizational objects in your home/office. While organizing your home/office, if we identify any items of need to your organizing process, we provide you a selection of décor and organizational items from our catalogues.

What will happen to my unwanted items?

Your unwanted items will be separated into three categories as donations, discarded and ‘for sale’ items during our service. Dü will provide a list of suggested donation, recycling and resale channels tailored to the content of your unwanted items. You are responsible for the removal of the unwanted items from your home/office.

I share my home with my family/children/housemate. Can I involve them in my organizing service?

Our organizing service involves personal belongings. Therefore, we would like to remind you that no one should be forced to get involved in organizing unless they want to.  But organizing is contagious and, naturally, those in your household will be inspired by your progress and have a change of heart to get organized. If the person, who lives in your home has decided to get organized, please remind them they can contact us for a special offer.

For children, the organizing process requires special training and attention. If you have decided to get organizing services for your children please contact us noting this information.

I have kids who are untidy. Can my home remain organized despite my children?

It is much easier to maintain the order of your home, when a special time with your children is arranged to declutter and organize their belongings with their involvement. Teaching children the necessary organizing skills as young as possible, will help them develop positive habits that affect their future lives, personalities and relationships. Please contact us for our special service for children.

I am a messy person by nature. Can Dü’s organizing service help me?

Anyone can benefit from organizing their home. Even those who consider themselves messy, lazy or busy can learn to organize. Your habitual and learned behaviors will change over time after working one-on-one with our expert, helping you become an organized person in every aspect of your life.

I am having hard time letting things go. Can Dü’s organizing service help me?

Yes! The final decision is yours when decluttering and we will provide the guidance and tools to help you put your past in order and align with the person you are becoming.

I have been diagnosed with a compulsive hoarding disorder. Can Dü’s organizing services help me?

Compulsive hoarding disorder is a behavioral pattern characterized by an excessive need to acquire and keep things, whether the items are useful or not. If you suspect you or a loved one may be suffering from hoarding, please contact us to book a preliminary call to ensure proper support is in place.

For which workplaces is the organizing service suitable for?

The organizing service is suitable for any type of large or small business in every sector. Organizing projects can be arranged for home offices, corporate firms, academic offices of universities, archives, government offices, laboratories, factories to retail stores and even for start-ups. Organizing through Toyota 5S is very important for businesses and is implemented at regular intervals in many multinational companies.

Can I organize a training session/workshop on organizing and its techniques for my employees?

Yes! Regardless of the size or sector of your company, we organize training session/workshops with your team as on-job training sessions or in meeting settings. Contact us to discuss the details.

How can I partner with Dü to book them for a workshop for an upcoming event at my home/office/school?

Dü organizes workshops in any scale, whether it is a casual gathering at home or a large public speaking event at a company. We partner with individuals and companies to share our knowledge and experiences. We are happy to provide interactive workshops, on-job training and speaking events tailored to your audience’s needs. Please contact us with your ideas and projects.

Which cities do you serve?

Our headquarters is located in Ankara, however, we are able to travel and serve our dear clients all around Turkey. If you prefer, our online consulting service is also available.