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Private Yoga Sessions

One-on-one yoga lessons.

Private Prenatal Yoga Sessions

One-on-one prenatal / pregnancy yoga lessons.

Private Baby Yoga & Massage Sessions

When babies are born into life, it is important for them to learn how to adapt to their bodies safely and to communicate with their body language. Likewise, the correct reading and response to this communication by the parents is critical & requires sensitivity. While baby yoga supports this process, it helps the baby to build a trusting relationship with the parents. While our specialist applies baby yoga & massage to your baby, she teaches you the process and applications to use at home.

Private Meditation Sessions

One-on-one meditation sessions.

Psychic Medium Sessions

A one-on-one private psychic medium sessions, where you can contact those you want to communicate with & ask the questions you want to know the answer to.

Spirituality & Sexual Energy Healing Guidance

Our expert helps you find your soul purpose through art, Tantra, yoga, meditation, energy healing, psychic medium abilities by teaching you to utilise your sexual / life energy. She guides you in establishing balanced relationships within yourself & with others by providing guidance on strengthening your self-love experience & balancing your feminine & masculine life / sexual energy. She listen sto your needs & develop personal programs to cater for your lifestyle and support you in expanding your creative aura/space.

Tantra Consultancy & Guidance