Hello! I am Ayşe Gülşin Doğan. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my team.

Minimalism and organizing have always been important in my life. The joy of decluttering and organizing that started as a childhood passion, has been instrumental in shaping my experiences and knowledge both in my personal life, and professional life of 15 years. I have worked in multinational companies, where I took on projects and received training on organizing, system building, Toyota 5S, warehouse management and the Konmari Method (Marie Kondo).

I’m also a minimalist artist and a yoga instructor. My love of decluttering and organizing, professional experiences and trainings all lead me to establish Düzenleyelim.com in 2017. To date, I have decluttered and organized over 100 houses and offices. As part of my yoga instructor certification and counseling, I also provide guidance / counseling services to many individuals with their personal lives.

My work is my way of expressing myself and my creativity. My goal is to share the health, peace and happiness minimalism and order brought to me. I continue on this journey with a passionate team to make your personal life, home and office healthy, peaceful, aesthetic, minimalistic and organized. Taking this step will increase your quality of life.

You can access my comprehensive resume via this link.
With love,
Gülşin ♥


Tuncer Cangöz – Business Excellence Consultant – You can access Tuncer’s comprehensive resume via this link.

Cihangir Centilmen – Office & Warehouse Organizing Consultant – Cihangir is in our team to share his experience of 20 years he gained in warehouse, stock and archive management, and Toyota 5S in the national and international firms in which he worked.

Selin Altunboğa – Social Media Communication Expert – The sweet person, who shares with you our team’s work, vision, excitement, dreams and love on our social media accounts.

Yasemin KaraOrganizing Team Supervisor – I have been working with Yasemin for many years. She is a cleaning and organizing services professional with 20 years of experience, who pays detailed attention to meticulousness and tidiness.

Işık Özcan– Organizing Services Assistant – Our experienced and attentive team member.
Güllü Altunboğa – Organizing Services Assistant – Our meticulous and elaborative team member.
Seringül Güven – Organizing Services Assistant – Our hardworking and energetic team member.
Neriman Köksal – Organizing Services Assistant –  Our vibrant and responsible team member.
Rasim Bay – Expert Foreman – our skillful, positive, result and solution oriented foreman.